Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PsychoKat, I would first like to say thanks, as your post meant a lot to me. as for the quote left by this moron....Freudianslippers"On one hand we have dollface accusing Debbie of being naive and imploring her to go to Jordan (don't hold your breath, dollface) to see what beautiful and peaceful people the Jordanians are, and on the other hand we have PsychoKat telling us dollface was terrorized by Muslim terrorists while living there."
You see how idiotic people are....there it shows..If you would have read carefully, Kat said there was a terrorist attack nearby my town...and one of the first times there was one in 10 years .not a terrorist attack made on me! I take it you have not been to jordan, and for that much, been to an arab/muslim would be surprised. Jordan was more at peace than the good ol windy city, chicago, where i have lived for the past 22 years. In my time in chicago, i have seen numerous people killed, stabbings, gang fights, battered wives and beaten children, 2 suicides, i have lost 4 best friends to a drunk driver, i have lost a good friend to drugs, and another who got hit with a bullet, on his front porch, although the gun was supposed to be pointed at some one else...And if anyone cares to get any information on my area, thats oak forest, a very high class my one year in jordan the only things i saw was very loving people, neighbors helping neighbors, sisters helpign sisters...i walked proudly down the street, people wanting to meet me...I felt more love from my inlaws and my husband than i honestly have felt from my own family here in the states. Point is, there is bad shit everywhere, and to be honest, i would put a million dollars saying the US is much worse than Jordan, or other arab countries. Im not being unpatriotic, but its the sad cannot be escaped, nor ignored, but you cannot judge a book by its cover...If i had been judgemental to jordan, i would not have spent the best year of my entire life there, learning a different intriging culture, my 4th language, spedning a year getting to know the faboulous family i now have, a work free, stress free year with my husband, and so much more....i dare someone to take a walk in my shoes, cause i gaurantee, you would never be sorry you did...i wish people had the kind of love sofyan and i share everyday...the kind that makes you not want to sleep, in fear of missing one another, the kind that women and men dream about finding lucky i got it, dont hate on me because u didnt....


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