Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Demise of the Rule of Law

A distinguished researcher and professor in modern history named Michael Burleigh has written this excerpt regarding the laws in Nazi’s Germany. We must bear in mind this statement is based on tested facts about the utopian beliefs of a mad dictator.
“In the course of promising judges security of tenure, which was immediately violated by the law for the Restoration of the professional civil service, Hitler indicated that he expected judges to evince ‘flexibility’. Empty talk from Hans Frank, leader of the Nazi League of Jurists, about restoring the judiciary’s quasi-regal autonomy, alluring in a system without the British division of elite judges and lay magistrates, came with the expectation that judges would abandon impartial objectivity, a quality normally synonymous with their profession. They were to grasp the essence of the case, approaching it with ‘healthy prejudice’ and in line with ‘the main principles of the Führer’s government’. This was an invitation to cut every procedural corner: a general mandate for courtrooms tyrants, of whom there were many”.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, it is likely that you have been roughly dealt with by the British Family Courts as most of its ruling have already abandon the impartial objectivity, hallmark of justice, and their decisions are directed against paternity as a matter of course and regardless of the facts of the case. One of the most elementary rules of law of property is ownership that has been accepted by all civilizations since Hammurabi’s laws. If you paid for it you own the rights to do as you please with it. Since biblical times this right has been upheld as it is clearly explained in genesis when Esau sold his Birthright to Jacob.
However, the judiciary, do not regard ownership right as relevant at the ancillary relief hearing, therefore, dispossessing and transferring those rights, willy nilly, to the party of their own choice. Exactly in the same fashion, Hitler indicated to the judges of the Third Reich.
It is easy now to comprehend why we no longer can take refuge in the law because it is no longer there to protect us from state sponsored assets despoliation.


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