Thursday, August 17, 2006

He's only 12 but.... "it is love"

I read this article in a women magazine (eve june 2006) and I want to publish it as proof of how messed up in the head women are.

The first time Julie *kissed Callum* was the most romantic moment of her life. They were on a deserted beach, turquoise waves lapping on golden sand and, as Callum brushed his lips on hers, hia taut body wrapped around her in a passionate embrace.
"It was without a doubt the sexiest kiss I have ever had" Julie, a business manager, says. "I was on holiday and Callum was staying at the same hotel. He was gorgeous, with a toned, hunky body. It seemed perfectly natural to sleep together and, because Callum was so eager to pleased me, the sex was amazing too".
Feeling envious yet? Thought so. But perhaps you might feel a tad diferently when you hear that the perfect kiss Julie describes was between a 30-years-old engage woman and a 16 year old boy. And that the "amazing sex" was Callum first time and took place in a hotel room yards away from his parents.
Some of you will undoubtedly be shocked.
You might fantasise about having a muscle-clad toy boy do your bidding, but you draw the line at adolescents. Yet a growing number of intelligent, attractive, middle-class women are prepared to put their marriages and reputations on the line to have a fling with a teenager. Some even risk prison and an entry on the sex offenders register because the boy in question is under 16, the legal age of consent ( although it is against the law for teachers to have a relationship with pupils under 18) .
Last year in the UK. the cradle-snatching roll-call included teachers Samantha Grixti, 30, who received a three month suspended sentence and community service after kissing a pupil, and Nicola Prentice, 26, who was given a 12-month suspended sentence after sleeping with a 16 year-old student. Hannah Grice, a 32 year-old mother of two, was jailed for 15 months after admitting an affair with the 14 year old son of one of her friends and, in July 2003, Amanda James, a 36 year old mother of four was jailed for a year after a two year affair with a 14 year old boy.
Some American women seem just as willing to get their sexual kicks from schoolboys. In March, Lisa Lynette Clark, 37, from Georgia, was jailed for nine months after falling pregnant and marrying a 15 year old, as allowed by state law. Three months earlier, newly-wed Debra laFave, 26, from Florida, was sentenced to house arrest after sleeping with a 14 year old boy and, in November, Sandra Geisel, a 42 year old teacher from Albany, was sentenced to six months in jail after having sex with a student.
This might seem like the beginning of a sexually chargrd trend but, according to psychologist Petra Boynton, some women have always been willing to throw caution (not to mention their careers and marriages) to the wind when it comes to sex with under-age teenagers. "These relations have always existed" she says, but we hear about it more when an older woman seduces a shcoolboy. The newspaper think: "Wow, that's a great story", and splash it all over the front pages.

No one should be surprised at this development. I bet my hard earned money that we'll be hearing a lot more of these stories, in the years ahead.
The feminist have liberated them, now they are independant, free to burn their bras anytime they pleased, and throw their lives to the wind.

So what nobody cares anymore!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PsychoKat, I would first like to say thanks, as your post meant a lot to me. as for the quote left by this moron....Freudianslippers"On one hand we have dollface accusing Debbie of being naive and imploring her to go to Jordan (don't hold your breath, dollface) to see what beautiful and peaceful people the Jordanians are, and on the other hand we have PsychoKat telling us dollface was terrorized by Muslim terrorists while living there."
You see how idiotic people are....there it shows..If you would have read carefully, Kat said there was a terrorist attack nearby my town...and one of the first times there was one in 10 years .not a terrorist attack made on me! I take it you have not been to jordan, and for that much, been to an arab/muslim would be surprised. Jordan was more at peace than the good ol windy city, chicago, where i have lived for the past 22 years. In my time in chicago, i have seen numerous people killed, stabbings, gang fights, battered wives and beaten children, 2 suicides, i have lost 4 best friends to a drunk driver, i have lost a good friend to drugs, and another who got hit with a bullet, on his front porch, although the gun was supposed to be pointed at some one else...And if anyone cares to get any information on my area, thats oak forest, a very high class my one year in jordan the only things i saw was very loving people, neighbors helping neighbors, sisters helpign sisters...i walked proudly down the street, people wanting to meet me...I felt more love from my inlaws and my husband than i honestly have felt from my own family here in the states. Point is, there is bad shit everywhere, and to be honest, i would put a million dollars saying the US is much worse than Jordan, or other arab countries. Im not being unpatriotic, but its the sad cannot be escaped, nor ignored, but you cannot judge a book by its cover...If i had been judgemental to jordan, i would not have spent the best year of my entire life there, learning a different intriging culture, my 4th language, spedning a year getting to know the faboulous family i now have, a work free, stress free year with my husband, and so much more....i dare someone to take a walk in my shoes, cause i gaurantee, you would never be sorry you did...i wish people had the kind of love sofyan and i share everyday...the kind that makes you not want to sleep, in fear of missing one another, the kind that women and men dream about finding lucky i got it, dont hate on me because u didnt....

Monday, August 14, 2006

One Bastard Champion
Last Friday, the government was widely reported to have recently requested local councils and primary health trusts specially to target black and mixed race Caribbean youngsters in an attempt to reduce their comparatively high rates of teen-age pregnancy which do so much to make Britain top of the European league-tables for teenage-conception and teenage-motherhood.
In a letter to council and primary health trusts making the request, Children’s Minister Beverley Hughes stated as the government’s reason for making it the fact that:
‘Teenage pregnancy is strongly associated with poor outcomes for both young parents and their children. It contributes to the transmission of poverty, inequality and low aspirations between generations’.
In an op-ed in today’s Times entitled ‘Bastardy: for thousands of young girls it will always be a legitimate choice’, Germaine Greer springs to the defence of those young black compatriots of hers who choose to have babies at such an early age.
She argues their decision to do so gives them absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, embarrassed about, or to regret. This is because, so she argues, they come from a shared culture where single-motherhood is an accepted part of life and neither carries, nor should carry, any form of stigma.
If, as the government claims, Ms Greer goes on to argue, their having babies currently restricts the educational and career opportunities of these girls, or condemns them and their children to lives of poverty, the fault lies not with them. Rather, it lies with the government for not doing enough to ensure that their education and career opportunities are not damaged by having children, and that their fathers are made to pay child-support.
Rather than discourage teenagers from having babies, argues Ms Greer, the government should be making sure that neither they nor their children suffer any hardship as a result of the age at which they have them. She writes:
‘Already we need every baby we can get; a sound social policy would make sure that we don’t condemn the ones we have to poverty and marginalisation.’
In one sense, what Ms Greer asserts in the latter part of the quoted sentence is unexceptionable enough. However, what the first part of that sentence asserts by no means follows from what is asserted in its latter part, nor can be independently substantiated.
Frankly, contrary to what Ms Greer states, society has no need of those babies who, in consequence of their being born and growing up in highly adverse circumstances, end up as adults making no positive contribution to society, but who are merely a drain on its resources, or worse still, if boys, who end up in a life of crime, or, if girls, become young mothers in similar circumstances and so merely serve to perpetuate the cycle of deprivation.
Ms Greer claims that, because the overall birth-rate in Britain is in decline, the country needs every baby born within it no matter the circumstances in which they are born. In Ms Greer’s scheme of things, it would seem, any disadvantage incurred by a baby or its mother as a result of being born when the mother was but a teenager can be rectified by means of some suitable state-measure designed to equalise their life prospects with those of other mothers and babies.
Such a world-view entirely over-looks the well-attested vital contribution fathers can and typically do make to the development of their children in addition to that made by their mothers. No matter how undeniably positive can be and often is the contrbution made by grandmothers, and maybe sometimes even great-grandmothers, to the upbringing of children, such relatives are no more able than state-functionaries to susbstitute for what a normal loving father can and does contribute to the development and self-esteem of their children in consequence of growing up together with and caring for them along with their mother.
The flip-side of a culture in which teenage pregnancy and teenage motherhood are condoned is that is also one where boys grow up without any responsible same-sex role model in their lives who is as fond and caring of them as their mothers, and who is typically better able than their mothers and grandmothers to exert the discipline they might intermittently need during their adolescence to prevent them from going off the rails.
Moreover, without the prospect of any close daily contact with any children they might have and of bringing them up with the mothers of their children, boys grow up with few aspirations in relation to women and children beyond the joys of having sex with the former and the kudos obtained from their peers on becoming ‘a baby-father’, a status to which here attaches no enforceable responsibilities, financial or otherwise, and which all too often condemns whoever holds that status to a life on the margins of domesticity and respectability.
Ms Greer’s preferred universe is seemingly one entirely uninhabited by any males save, at best, those who serve as sex-objects for women and as walking sperm-banks, and, at worst, as rapists and wife-beaters.
In her time, Ms Greer did as much as anyone of her generation to persuade those who should have known better that men were something women were better off being without, save when having sex with or otherwise obtaining sperm from them.
The Afro-Caribbean culture in which teenage pregnancy and single-motherhood are condoned, of course, was not something created by the influence of Ms Greer and her like. But her writings and those of other 'sixties feminists did much to create a climate of opinion in the nineteen seventies and eighties among political elites and opinion-formers which saw that no steps were taken to challenge or change that Afro-Caribbean culture of single-motherhood, but rather instead to celebrate and glorify it as being emancipated and emancipating.
That modern feminists such as Ms Greer should have championed such a culture is both curious and sad, seeing how, as a matter of historical fact, that culture is but the enduring legacy of a system of slavery in which men and women were forbidden to live together as man and wife, and in which plantation owners encouraged their young female slaves to bear children out of wedlock merely to increase the stock of cheap labour.
All in all, then, Ms Greer might relish being the country’s number-one bastard champion. Those, however, of a different persuasion will take a very different view of her being such, no matter how well suited they might consider that accolade to be.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Moms make lousy dads

One of the more fatuous beliefs that have been foisted off by self-proclaimed feminists and other politically correct lamebrains is that children don’t need fathers. I used to say that American woman, thanks to increased salary and well stoked sperm banks, had reached the point where they only need men to open ketchup bottles and get stuff down from high shelves. Ladies I was joking!
I had no idea so many women took the line to heart. Thanks to my good joke and Gloria Steinem’s bad one –that crack about fish needing bicycles- women have become increasingly wacky. What is really surprising, considering that thirty years of propaganda has promoted the natural superiority of females, is how masculine, in the worst sense of the word, women have become.
Surely I’m not the only person who has noticed that these days young women are just a likely to smoke as man, to get bombed on booze and cuss in public, and perhaps even likelier to drive like maniacs and to flip you off for daring to share the road with them.
In the business world, far too many women salivate at the thought of being regarded as cold and ruthless. They are every bit as likely to torment and humiliate their employees, and to promote an atmosphere of fear and anger, especially among their females underlings. Call this women cut-throat and they think you’re trying to sweet talk them.
Perhaps it’s a case of Stockholm syndrome gone amuck. As you probably know, that’s a situation in which hostages come to identify, not with their rescuers, but with their captors. Women in their own defence, might possibly claim that they’d been powerless for so long that it was inevitable that they’d take on the very characteristics they have despise. But that is a load of hooey. I say if you are going to behave like an idiot and a bully, don’t make excuses for your boorishness. God knows men don’t!
In as much more and more women are eager to hand off their offspring to a nanny, a granny, or a nursery school, you have to wonder why most of them bother even giving birth. All they seem to have to show for the experience are stretch marks.
In a society that is determined to accept the nutty notion that two gay men or a pair of lesbian are just as likely – they really mean likelier- to raise a normal, healthy child as a married man and woman, how could anybody dare suggest that a single woman isn’t equally capable? Well she isn’t. This is especially true when the child is a boy. No matter how hard she tries, no matter how much she cares, no matter how many broken nails she’s willing to sacrifice in order to play catch with the kid, the bottom line is she’s a woman. And just because so many of the morons in Hollywood have turned single motherhood in just another fad, sort of collagen lips and plastic bosoms, doesn’t make it a good idea.
It simply make’s sense that a boy needs a man to act as a role model, to show him not only how to curb his temper and to temper his testosterone, but also how to avoid being feminised into something resembling a well dressed eunuch.
The point I’m looking to make I saw perfectly in a segment of a TV magazine show some years ago. It seems that in Africa, on a game preserve, the rangers were discovering the mutilated carcasses of several rhinos. They could no determine who was responsible for the carnage, and they could not imagine the motive.
After conducting an investigation, they found to their amazement that a band of teenage elephants were killing the rhinos for no other reason they felt like it. It was their version of drive by shooting. Like our own urban gangs, the young rogues even had a leader.
The rangers thought long and hard about the problem, the first thing they realised was that the teenagers were free to make up their own evil rules of behaviour because, like the blood thirsty kids in "Lord of the flies", there were no adults in their world. All bull elephants had been slaughtered by poachers for their ivory.
Then, because they did not have to answer to politicians or social workers, the rangers did two essential things. First, having determined he was incorrigible, they killed the leader of the pack. Next, they flew in several bull elephants. In no time at all order was restored. The big guys let it be known that if there was anymore rhino-stomping, there will be hell to pay. Their message was short and sweet, namely the elephants don’t behave that way.
So, for all their professional advances, there are still a few things simply women can’t do as well as men. Some of those things, such as throwing a football forty yards in a perfect spiral or crushing a beer can with their forehead, aren’t all that essential. Important, I’ll grant you but not absolutely essential to society at large.
However, when rearing male children, we’d all probably be better off if the ladies simply dropped the kids off in the woods for the wolves to raise.
Burt Prelutsky

Caregiving: Yes, women have more empathy
By ALEX CUKAN, UPI Health Correspondent Source: UPI
ALBANY, N.Y. (UPI) -- If the world had more children raised solely by fathers, would there be a lot less empathy? Some studies indicate that when it comes to empathy, women seem to have it all over men. "When we looked at family structure, we do find children raised without a mother -- solely by father -- do develop less empathy," Tom Smith, of the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago, told UPI's Caregiving. "It could be that mothers socialize children in the practice of empathy. Children learn what they see -- they learn by observing." But gender is not the whole story; spiritual beliefs are a factor as well, he said. "People who are more actively engaged in religion are more altruistic, according to studies of college students. "Altruistic behaviors were tracked -- returning excess change, giving directions, helping to take care of a house when people were away, donating blood, giving money to charity -- and those who were actively engaged in religion did these things because they had learned these behaviors were not selfish." When it comes to cold cash, gender also seems to make a difference. In a study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in 2001, University of Pittsburgh researchers found that men are more generous when the tip is inexpensive, but women stick to the recommended 15 percent to 20 percent tip. For example, when a man has a $3 drink, he might leave a $2 tip, but when it comes to a dinner for two that costs $200, he'll tip less than 15 percent, while a women tends to tip the same no matter what the amount of the bill, according to the researchers. One exception to the male-female divide: Men scored higher than women -- they expressed higher levels of altruism -- when their spouse was affected." Why? The men might feel chivalry towards their wives, but not toward people outside the family, according to Smith. Despite the chivalry theory, a study in 2001 showed that when a woman had brain cancer, more men left the marriage; however, when the man had a brain tumor, the wife tend to stay, according to Dr. Mike Glantz, a neuro-oncologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Nonetheless, most stayed married in sickness and in health, and many women who survive cancer with their marriages intact say they were strengthened because their husband "was there" for them. Dr. Larry Lachman, a California licensed clinical psychologist, says that the "Men Are From Mars" and "Women Are From Venus" concepts articulated in the early 1990s have not proven true under controlled and extensive studies; gender does not entirely predict behavior. "According to social psychology, men tend to have 'side to side' relationships, bonding with one another and their children through physical activities and hobbies like sports and athletics," Lachman told Caregiving. He said that in contrast to that "action-in-the-moment focus with common interest/behavior type of empathy, women tend to have 'face to face' relationships, bonding with one another and their children through sharing of feelings and emotions -- 'being-in-the-moment' focus with common feelings and thoughts," Lachman told Caregiving. My experience is that both men and women could have more empathy for the elderly and their caregivers. I know that compassion fatigue can occur awfully quickly. As a result, I tend not to mention the latest medical crisis until it is resolved and I can give a positive report. But most of the time I keep quiet about caregiving adventures. A few years ago, I told an acquaintance, who didn't want to hear about illness, what I thought was a safe story. I said my refrigerator, my television and computer all broke in the same week. Her response was, "Don't touch me." --