Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Gem of Feminism obtusness

This is really, a rare insight into the ludicrousness of the feminist mind. It is quite an amazing thing to listen to the thinking some feminist expose to the world to be heard, seen and, read by all of those who, out of curiosity, let themselves into this surreal wonderland of feminism. The following writing comes from an american feminist writer. It is, undoubtedly, an excellent example of the sort of literature we are to expect in the new century from this sort of ideologism, and quote: "Whether or not feminism is the reason the traditional family concept is quickly becoming obsolete is questionable. I think there were several factors working together that ushered in a new type of family framework for the 21th century american family. The industrial age, with it's long working hours, certainly didn't help the traditional family. In fact, this era seems to be the beginning of the end for the concept of the working father with a housewife and good little kiddies at home". As we have to start from somewhere to be able to begin to understand this last paragraph, let us start from the industrial age being responsible for the demise of the family. The industrial age began a long time before this feminist was born and, at the onset of it, during the years of expansion and progress did not seem to affect the family nucleus, indeed, capitalism thrived on the back of a strong family unit lifting out of abject poverty many impoverished families and deprived children living in slums. The kind of slums which the execellent Charles Dickens has so poignantly described in detail to us, in his writings.
During the forties, fifties and sixties, America was a proud country thriving on their industries in which men work hard in order to give their families a great standard of living. So, when obsoletism began then? Let's read on!" The sexual revolution helped everyone shake their prudish ways and realise there was more to life than a single monogamous relationship". No surprises here. It has always been down to sex. Men want quantity and quality, women would rather have diversity. The more the merrier. The unexplored is so exiting as long as they don't end up in e sexually transmitted disease clinic, which, by the way, are doing a helthy bussines in trying to contain the epidemic sweeping the western world. And on! "men have known this for thousands of years, but the sexual revolution opened the door for women to further explore their sexuality". The last paragraph may well still be echoing inside the new woman brain. So here we are! Proud of ourselves in our freedom. Finally, "equally promiscuous to men" the sexual revolution has taught women something men knew for a millenia! The selfishness of men! How can they be forgiven? Never telling women when they are having sex! Is them then who are responsible for women's predicament. Let's get our own back by being just as promiscuous. Be more assertive with whom we are going to travel the tunnel of love tonight.
That is the new woman, free love, free sex, and free penicillin. I will not include abortion because it is a whole subject in its own right. And on! "of course, feminism did introduce women in the workforce en mass, which reshaped family life at the end of a long work day". We are now sailing in the realm of feminism fantasy land. It is an undisputed fact that women have worked through the ages. What feminism may have succeeded in doing is to make women work in places where, previously, were considered just too dangerous for them, or somehow unsuitable as a female place of work. That is now no longer so. As many available jobs in dirty trades or physically demanding work are taken up by women.
The fact is, sadly, the feminist ideology, once a noble cause seeking equality for women, has now become so sullied as to go hand in hand with the dowdiness and the cliche of dungaree-wearing, man-haters, sporting underarm growth and "Feminism rules OK" badge on their chest. Women have fought hard to win all that they take for granted today, but they have not only reaped the obvious benefits, they will also have to live with the downside of those achievements and that is that most women are left on their own, spending old age stroking their cats, or sharing the twilight years of their lives, with their old comrade in arms, or a much worse fate like being left alone in some run down home for the elderly without a man to call her partner. For the young feminist who may think they have won the war of the sexes against men will, soon enough, realise that they have not converted the minds and hearts of those close to them like the brother who keeps a stack of pornography in his shelf because he just can not figure out his lost way through the feminist ideology maze, or, those who claim that women working in the sex industry be liberated from their exploitation.